Newbridge Women Health Clinic

Counselling Services

We provide Women's health counselling information and support for a pregnant women who is considering choices regarding the continuation of her pregnancy. We give the patient the option plans without bias. The option can included continuing the pregnancy, or termination (abortion).

Our counsellors are confidential and professional so it does not affect the decision of the patient; in addition to that our counsellors have up-to-date knowledge of local and national laws governing women's pregnancy choices. Counsellors will also provide you with medical accurate information of prenatal care, post natal, and any women's health care related information.

Both of our doctors are female Dr. Sahar Abouatiye and Dr. Roohina Haroon. We provide one of the best and the most reliable counselling services. We as therapist may utilise one specific approach or may work from several theoretical approaches..

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Counselling

HRT is also called Menopausal Hormone Therapy. Menopause is time when the woman’s period stops. It’s a normal result of aging. In the years before and during menopause the levels of female hormones can go up and down. This can cause symptoms such as hot flashes in the face, neck and/ or chest plus vaginal dryness. Some women take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to relieve these symptoms. When menopause comes, there is a greater chance of heart disease and osteoporosis. HRT can protect against these diseases.

Before menopause oestrogen (the female hormone) gives women some protection against those conditions, so when oestrogen levels goes down with starting of menopause, that advantage is over.

If you feel tired from menopause and you think that you may need HRT, We are here in Family Planning And Women Health Clinic can check and provide the accurate HRT plans that should be given to you. We have various prescription products to treat hot flashes and vaginal symptoms. Some are also recommended to prevent osteoporosis.

Miscarriage Counselling & Investigations

Miscarriage is medically termed as early pregnancy loss. Miscarriages that occur before the sixth week of woman's Last Menstrual Period (LMP) are medically termed Clinical Spontaneous abortion.

Pelvic Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain in a woman is a common problem. Symptoms include lower abdominal pain, and pain before and during sexual intercourse. Specific causes are difficult to identify and treatment is often limited to relief symptoms. We can do an ultrasound or internal examination using a laparoscope, to rule out serious conditions and to provide reassurance.

Pre Pregnancy Counselling

Pre Pregnancy Counselling is an important for women wanting to get pregnant or women who are already pregnant. We provide pregnancy counselling that involves communicating important aspects about nutrition, medication use and lifestyle months in advance of getting pregnant. Issues may include diet, nutrition, exercise, smoking, alcohol, drugs, emotional health and referral to genetic counselling if a patient knows about inherited disease.

Anti-Natal Care

Anti-Natal Care or (Prenatal care) is health care for pregnant woman and baby before the baby is born. It is important as it will determine various complication of pregnancy that may include routine clinic visits with physical exams and routine lab tests.

We provide Antenatal service for our patients to assess the woman health status and let the mother take all the precautions against any risk detection for both mother and foetus.

Antenatal Includes:

  • Determining the gestational age.
  • Following up & recording the foetal lie and presentation.
  • Starting immunization like Tetanus Toxoid if required.
  • Depending on the mother and baby situation a specific medication might be started to be given.
  • Monitoring weight, hypertension, diabetes, and hormones of the woman among other important investigations
  • Scanning with ultrasound to check uterus, baby size, his heart beats, etc ...

Post-Natal Care

Post-Natal Care is the health care provided for the mother after her delivery, as she will feel tired, sore and will not have the energy to look after herself or the baby.

We help mothers to overcome such circumstances and provide the postnatal care for them to make sure that they are recovering from the birth healthy. We help with any questions they may have regarding their health, or the health of their baby.

We will provide advice about breastfeeding and all the necessary guidance for nutrition, lifestyle, exercises in addition of the required medications, vitamins, iron supplementation, etc

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