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Fertility Counselling

A new universal contraceptive service for all women aged 17-25 (inclusive) has been agreed between the IMO, Department of Health and HSE.



Health Services

Our aim is to provide health services to women in a way that provides support, practical advice and total confidentiality. We understand that each person is different and we take the time to get to know our patients’ medical history for a professional and thorough service. Have a look through our most common health services below. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch. 


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STI Screening

We offer STI testing & treatment including bloods, swabs, and full-service STI testing.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or Venereal Infections (VI) can have significant transmission between people by means of all kinds of sexual intercourse. At our clinic, we provide a full screening and treatment service.

Infertility Investigation

Investigating infertility issues is the first step in treating infertility problems you may be experiencing. We offer full investigation & treatment services.

Our infertility investigations include consultations, bloods, swabs, and more to identify the cause of infertility and work out a treatment plan where relevant. We also provide additional infertility services including AMH testing.

Pregnancy Tests

We provide low-cost, accurate, and quick pregnancy testing services for all women.

Women Health & Family Planning Clinic provides accurate pregnancy testing by using urine and/or blood samples to test for the presence of a particular hormone present in the blood or urine. This offers extremely accurate and fast pregnancy testing that you can rely on.

Ring Pessary Insertion

Ring Pessary consists of flexible silicone, They are suitable to release symptons of pressure caused by prolapse.

We provide fitting and replacement of these rings which helps to release symphtoms of prolapse and pressure. 

Breast Checks

Regular breast checks are a must to ensure your breasts are healthy and free from cancer or other health issues.

Breast Check or Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) are a very useful screening method for women, used in an attempt to detect any early risk of breast cancer. Breast checks are a physical examination of the breast done by our health professionals and our physician. Alongside these manual checks, a mammogram (breast X-Ray) may be required to check women for breast cancer or any other breast problems.

Cervical Smear Tests

The smear test, Pap test or cervical smear is a screening test used to detect any preliminaries to cervical cancer. We offer full testing and provide results, with referrals given where necessary.

The smear test (also called Papanicolaou, Pap test, Pap smear or cervical smear) is a screening test used to detect any preliminaries to cervical cancer. During your cervical smear test, a special tool is used to collect cells from the outer opening of the cervix of the uterus and the endocervix. We offer full testing and provide results, with referrals given where necessary.

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is a form of preventative healthcare available for pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. We provide combined Antenatal Care, between us and the hospital throughout the pregnancy.

We offer a range of antenatal care services as well as antenatal care packages. Our antenatal care packages combine our services with hospital care, offering scans, blood pressure checks, foetus checks, and more to ensure optimum health during pregnancy.

Incontinence Treatment

Incontinence can be caused by a number of issues. Women Health & Family Planning Clinic offers incontinence diagnosis, treatment & counselling.

Incontinence can be a distressing, upsetting, and embarrassing condition for a number of women Incontinence is often associated with menopause and post-childbirth, and can be difficult to deal with. Women Health & Family Planning Clinic offers a range of incontinence diagnosis, investigation, and treatment services to help you deal with incontinence at all stages of life.


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Health Services FAQ

Do smear tests hurt?

No. While a smear test can feel a little uncomfortable for a moment, this service generally does not hurt. Here at Dr. Sahar’s Women’s Health & Family Planning Clinic we aim to make all of our clients feel as comfortable as possible beforehand to avoid any discomfort or distress before your smear test.

How do I book a free smear test?

If you have received a letter from the HSE informing you that you are due a free smear test, simply call our Newbridge or Portlaoise women’s health clinics and book in. You can also book a private smear test if you require a smear out of the timeframe.

What happens during a breast exam?

During a breast check, a member of our medical team will conduct a visual and tactile check of the breasts to detect any lumps or abnormalities. If any abnormalities are detected, we will refer you to have a mammogram (breast X-Ray) to get a more in-depth look of the breast tissue.

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